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ชุดคลุมท้อง สไตล์ลำลอง กระดุมหน้า | Maternity Casual Button Dress

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Minimal style maternity dress ... style="vertical-align: inherit">For mom’s casual days, the design is specially designed. To make mothers comfortable and flexible You can also mix & match with other items. to add to being yourself



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Mama’s Choice Maternity Casual Button Dress Maternity dress, minimalist style, for mom’s casual days, it’s a simple muji style. Japanese mother Specially designed design To make mothers comfortable and flexible You can also mix & match with other items. to add style add to yourself Or you can match it with Mama’s Choice Maternity Leggings . Change your look to be a Korean mother immediately.

This dress is made from hemp cotton blend. Guaranteed to be soft, comfortable and well ventilated. Absorb sweat well too. And we choose to use large coconut shell buttons, easy to attach, easy to remove, plus there are two large pockets on each side. let your mother carry easy to pick up Which mother has a lot of missions? have to move all day Let me tell you that this set is very suitable.

100% safe for mothers and babies because they are free from chemical dyes that are harmful to the skin. Maintains the concept of Mama’s Choice that prioritizes safety as the number 1 priority.

🌟 Special! For the Covid-19 era, the new normal era, we give free matching fabric masks. Put them together to make them perfect.

Come on, moms. Put on Mama’s Choice Maternity Casual Dress and walk around to let the world know. #Stomach can be spicy 



Frequently Asked Questions about Mama’s Choice Maternity Casual Button Dress


💬 Is the fabric thin?

It’s not thin, not see-through, meaning it can be worn without lining. but at the same time With the tailoring made from cotton blended with hemp. This dress is therefore well ventilated and cool, suitable for the weather in Thailand very much.


💬 Can you start wearing it from which quarter?

Can be worn from the first trimester until the last trimester, moms. Importantly, after giving birth, you can still wear it as a dress. Because of the loose oversized dress It’s trendy.


💬 Which occasion is it suitable for wearing?

With this casual, casual design, mom can wear it on a date with dad. or in case the office is not very strict It can be worn to work as well.


สี ครีม, น้ำเงิน, มัสตาร์ด, เทอราคอตต้า, โอลีฟ


Chest: 50 inches

Waist seam circumference: 44 inches

Shoulder length: 14.5 inches

Hanging circumference: 18 inches

Sleeve circumference: 15 inches

Dress length: 38 inches


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