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กระเป๋าแม่ลูกอ่อน กระเป๋าคุณแม่ สะพายหลัง| Multi-Function Diaper Bag

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Mama’s Choice Multi-Function Diaper Bag is a... versatile bag for mom and baby. Made of premium canvas, durable and durable, the inside is divided into 15 compartments to meet every use. In particular, the bottle compartment is lined with foil to maintain the temperature and quality of the milk. 



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Mama’s Choice Multi-Function Diaper Bag mom bag For a backpack, compact, easy to carry, suitable for travel. There are up to 15 storage compartments for mothers to organize both mother and child’s belongings in order, easy to reach.



How is Mama’s Choice Multi-Function Diaper Bag better than other brand bags?


✅ Made from thick premium grade canvas fabric. It is durable, strong and easy to clean.

✅ Two-way access to the storage compartment Because the bag can be opened in two ways: the top zip (large compartment) and the back zip. So that you can immediately pick up the items that are stored in the depths of the bag.

✅ Comes with a convenient USB cable slot for using your phone while charging.

✅ Elegant and unrestricted colors Can be used by both women and men.

✅ Can be used in a variety of ways used as a backpack or a handbag

✅ Bottle storage compartment has aluminum foil to maintain milk temperature and quality.

✅ Large capacity with 15 sub-pockets to separate items according to needs.

✅ Designed for comfort on the back for long periods of wear



diaper bag Mama’s Choice Multi-Function Diaper Bag has 15 compartments.


Inside : 1 large main compartment, 3 small bottle compartments, 2 small compartments with zip closure.

Front : 1 main compartment, 3 interior compartments with aluminum foil lining for bottle storage. and 1 mesh compartment

Right and left side : There is 1 rubber padded compartment on each side that can fit a large water bottle.

Back : 1 small compartment with zip closure, 1 extra pocket for quick access to the main inner storage compartment.



Frequently Asked Questions About Mama’s Choice Multi-Function Diaper Bag


💬 Is the bag waterproof?

The exterior is water resistant to some degree. The inside part is 100% waterproof.


💬 If putting cold gel or ice pack into the front compartment Will it get wet in the bag?

There will be a bit of absorption because of the cold from the cold gel or ice pack, but it won’t make the inside wet.


💬 Can the bag hold a milk bottle?

Yes, there is a dedicated compartment for storing milk bottles. Because of the aluminum foil lining to maintain the temperature.



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Size : 40 x 28 x 20 cm.



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